The End Is In Sight

The machine quilting will probably be finished today.  Note the gardening gloves lying on the quilt and sewing machine.  They are rubber palmed and finger tips and I couldn’t meander without them. Here’s the tool cart.

I love these pins. They are long, very thin, silk pins that I can sew over.  Well – sometimes I do hit one and bend the pin, or dull and/or break a needle, but it’s rare.  I use about a zillion of them.

Note the feather stitching on the waist of the apron. I’m learning how to do that from Patsy Thompson’s video, Free Motion Fun With Feathers! She says that after you’ve done about 500 feathers you’ll be really good. I may not live that long.  But I’m quilting the whole quilt and saving the last feather along the bottom of the apron till last. Maybe I’ll be better.  The faces are giving me the most angst. I’m not sure how to handle them. Any suggestions?

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2 Comments on “The End Is In Sight”

  1. sharon Says:

    the feathers look good. the faces will be tricky for sure….what about stitching the more dominant ‘things’ ,,,,,,,glasses, hair, eyes….the line of her mouth…??

  2. emprint Says:

    Thanks, Sharon. The feathers are getting slightly better. As for the faces, I’d already stitched them as you suggest and they were awful. Then I was stuck because if I took the stitching out, I would have been left with needle holes and besides, the faces are stitched down with a satin stitch. So – I meandered over them with the same variegated red that I used on the background and it turned out good.!

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