More Ozark Stories

After these folks picked their corn, they opened up their field for picking the left overs on your own.  Can you read it?

We are done picking. You may pick for $1 per 15 ears. Thanks. Please pay at brick house corner of B & 39 highway. Glass jar on the front porch.

I also walked into the post office a couple of days ago where Debbie, the postal clerk, was showing the wall quilt she is submitting to the Hoffman Challenge to two other women. I, of course, had to touch it and get up close. Didn’t have the camera and it probably shouldn’t be photographed anyway until it is exhibited. Then one of the other women pulled out of a large envelope to show us, the baby dress she is smocking and embroidering. Both items are beautiful. I hope Deb wins a prize for her Hoffman quilt and lucky baby for the dress.

Can you see any of this happening in a large city post office? Life is pretty casual here. Love it.

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2 Comments on “More Ozark Stories”

  1. PaMdora Says:

    Sounds really lovely….

  2. sharon Says:

    that is small town living at it’s BEST ! we used to live in Bolivar 20 years ago and it was like that then…….not that it’s a big metropolis now, but certainly has lost that small town feel since it’s grown…….

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