Shakerag’s 5th & Last Day

This is the final day of Kerr Grabowski’s workshop on Deconstructive Screen Printing. Above is a final piece by Veronica Hofman-Ortega; printed, over printed, and over printed again with Thiox and turquoise dye.

Emily Starr’s final table.

Jo-Marie Karst used an extruder to draw with thickened dye onto screen, then printed.

Jason Romero’s sarong dyed red by submersion and then painted with thiox and turquoise dye.

Erin Talevich’s dyed dress.


I put the screen from the image on the left, into the sink to clean later and walked away. When I cam back in 20 minutes it was covered with splatters of water, and drops of turquoise and yellow dye from other peoples’ cleaning. At least I had the savy to grab it and print it for the image on the right. Should we call it a collaboration?

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2 Comments on “Shakerag’s 5th & Last Day”

  1. Merrilee Says:

    What a wonderful and inspiring week it must have been! I’m looking forward to seeing all the samples you brought home.

  2. Fonda Says:

    You are amazing!!!

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