When I started this blog I intended to show pictures of the art, sewing, or habitat of my environment, but this morning I have a story to share.

Last week I was introduced to Stanley, an 87 year old master carpenter-cabinet maker who lives alone and has macular degeneration. Because of his failed eyesight he no longer does carpentry work or drives. He says he doesn’t get much enjoyment out of life anymore. When asked what he would like to do, he said he loves to fish; just doesn’t get to do it much anymore because his friends are gone and he can’t drive.

BUT – he said that not long ago he missed fishing so badly, he hired a taxi to drive him out to the James River so he could fish. Said it cost him nearly $25.00. After they got to the river the taxi driver asked him what he wanted to do about getting back home and Stanley told him to come back at sundown to pick him up. A few hours later, the taxi driver returned in his own car with his fishing pole and joined Stanley for the rest of the afternoon-evening and they fished together. Then the taxi driver took Stanley home in his private car, free of charge.

Isn’t that a lovely story? Ask me why I love living here.

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2 Comments on “Stanley”

  1. sharon Says:

    a great story! most of us have ‘stanleys’ in our lives at some point, hopefully we’re mindful enough to be like the taxi driver…..

  2. nancyk Says:

    snif snif……….you gonna go fishing with stanley???? sure makes me wanna go fishing with him.
    i miss fishing. where did ya meet him??? i need more to the story!!!! xx0x0x0xx0xxxx00xx0 nk

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