Wet Spring Day

You can’t believe how much rain we’ve had. The lake is up 15′ over normal pool. I happened out to the driveway to see the flower bed and saw all the rain drops on the poppy buds.

Since the day wasn’t good for doing much outside garden-wise, I grabbed the camera and took off. Drove over to Masters Park, one of my favorite campgrounds on the lake, and found a young hickory tree that was in bud and starting to flower.

Driving to the park was a pastoral scene:

And then I had to drive on to check the eagles. Here’s one of the mature eagles, but I don’t know whether it is the male of the female. I could see two little heads bobbing up and down in the nest AND in addition to them, is an immature eagle, (no white head or tail) sitting on the side of the nest. As I watched, it appeared to be tearing something up (food?) and feeding it to the babies. An extended family!

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2 Comments on “Wet Spring Day”

  1. Great photos! I’m particularly enchanted with poppy pods lately.

  2. Atlanta Says:

    You know that I’m into poppies right now, too.
    Great shot of the bud….can I use it for inspiration?

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