Tra La La

Right this minute, it’s not so nice outside. Lots of rain yesterday, cold wind today, and there may be tornadoes tomorrow as it warms up. But – it’s still spring. I’ve spent most of my time outside cleaning the flower beds, marveling at all the little buds and nubs appearing at ground level and still in awe as they come up and bloom into beautiful flowers.

There is a single Dog Tooth Violet that comes up every year, always in the same place. The first few years there was just one blossom, but for the last two years there have been three. It makes little seed pods, but there are never any more plants than just that one.

For those of you who met Mr. Grey, you must meet his girlfriend, Miss Molly, now. She is not quite as wild as Grey, but she won’t come close enough to touch. She makes herself right at home by sleeping on top of the car in the garage. I feed them breakfast at 8am and dinner at 5pm. Miss Molly is always there right on time. Mr. Grey is sometimes slow to show up. Note the blue Vinca blooming at her feet.

Yes. I do feed the wild cats and yes, I do get them fixed when I can catch them. It’s hard to outsmart a cat and get them into the live trap , but I’m learning!

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3 Comments on “Tra La La”

  1. PaMdora Says:

    She’s beautiful, must be because you feed her good food!

  2. Merrilee Says:

    Mr. Grey has impeccable taste – a wonderful hostess and a beautiful girlfriend! Not bad for a three-legged guy!

  3. nancyk Says:

    Yea a quilt kitty!!!! LOL Love Love that adorable picture of little miss Em!!!! what a cutie pie you were. x0xx0x0x0x0x0x00x nk

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