Spring Is Finally Here

Yesterday it was 61 degrees and I spent the morning messing around in the garden and planting spinach. When my neighbor, Neomi, called and said her son had stumbled upon an eagle’s nest, we hopped into her truck and took off with the camera. Usually the eagles are only here for the winter but a few stay around all year.


I’m guessing that this is the female, because another one flew in, sat with her for a few minutes, then flew to a neighboring tree.


This is what the whole scene looks like. His and Hers trees.


Yes, that black spot on the top of the tree on the right is the mate. They are sitting in Sycamore trees along a small creek that runs into the head waters of the lake. It’s such a thrill to see them. We didn’t seem to have as many eagles at the lake this year as previous years. Now, hopefully, I can visit this one all year long.

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3 Comments on “Spring Is Finally Here”

  1. PaMdora Says:

    I like that — his tree, her tree. isn’t that the way it should be? Fantastic photo of the female and her nest!

  2. Atlanta Says:

    Do you think I can talk my mate into moving out to the tree in the back yard?

  3. Merrilee Says:

    Great pictures, Emmie! This sunshine is wonderful after all the grumpy cloudy days and I don’t blame the eagles for wanting to stay!

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