My friend, Mary Alice, who lives too far away, wants to see how the Passion Flower develops. Every time I walk by the design wall, I rearrange some part of it. I’m also taking pictures of the changes and when I see them small, and all together, one, in particular, jumps out. Here it is, thus far, Mary Alice. What do you think?

dsc_0001.jpg dsc_0002.jpg

dsc_0003.jpg dsc_0004.jpg

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3 Comments on “Progress”

  1. PaMdora Says:

    I’m not Mary, but I’ll play. It’s almost like a game, trying to figure out the differences. From left to right, I like number 2, because the fabrics are bolder to stand up to the other bold prints.

  2. NancyK Says:

    Hey Em, Is that fabric the background tie dye from our Taos poetry work shop, remember, the one you threw over yourself proclaiming “Im in Love with this fabric”!!!????
    I like #4 x0x0x00x00x, dear friend.

  3. emprint Says:

    # 2 is the one I’m going with. No, Nancy that’s not the fabric, but I remember the one you’re referring to. Hummmmmm. Wonder where it is.

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