Three Wishes

I think I’ve finally gotten over a creative block. Instead of putting a photo image – blop – onto fabric, I’ve cut into it. Thankyou, Jeanne Williamson. Your book THE UNCOMMON QUILTER turned on the light bulbs. Funny how you know something all along, but you need to have your cage rattled now and then. I asked myself, “What’s so important about having the whole photo present? Cut out the important parts!”
And what happened to the piece with the photo image on fabric? I cut it up into 6″ x 6″ mini quilts and practiced free motion quilting on them. Maybe I can salvage something out of them. If not, lesson learned.
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One Comment on “Three Wishes”

  1. Susie Monday Says:

    Loved the cut out. — You are right, seeing or hearing the right information or inspiration at the right time is just the cat’s pajamas. I had a similar experience at a workshop that Kerr Grabowski held at the Southwest School this weekend — the right drawing tool for me finally has appeared — curved end syringe. Now I have to wait until the Dharma order arrives!

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