You Make My Day!


Pam gave me a “YOU MAKE MY DAY” award. Thank you, Pam. You make my day too. And I’m supposed to name 10 people/blogs who make my day. Well here are the blogs at the top of my list that I’m always checking in on for inspiration, humor, or just being nosey.

Of course, first is Pamdora, then Melody, Rayna, Andrea, Nina, Tim, Vickie, Deb, Virginia and last but not least is my friend Neomi who doesn’t have a blog but she’s the best friend, neighbor and walking buddy a person could have. Walking with her every morning is the best way to start each day. Hugs, Neomi, and to you too, Pam.

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One Comment on “You Make My Day!”

  1. PaMdora Says:

    The new sidebar looks good! Now I need to update mine too. but what I love the most is that vintage photos of the fairy princess! Is that you?

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