South for Christmas

While driving to Atlanta, Saturday, I passed hugh flocks of Snow Geese and other birds. Even though it was an overcast and drizzling day, it was one of the most impressive sights I’ve ever seen of migrating birds.


It was a Christmas gift unto itself.

And here’s a Christmas Wish to One and all from me and mine, and Minnie.


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3 Comments on “South for Christmas”

  1. PaMdora Says:

    Hi Emmie, Who has the cute dog? Do you have any more photos of her? I’ve been meaning to put a dog like this into my book I’m writing, so love the photo!

    Glad you made it safe on your trip to Atlanta!


  2. Marty Corcoran Says:

    Been thinking of you lately. Sorry to hear about the loss of your wahoo tree. Not many of those around. Hope your trip to Atlanta is warm and wonderful. Don’t stay away too long ……

  3. sharon Says:

    a beautiful pic of the snow geese !!

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