What A Mess

First, I found an old baby picture of myself and plan to play around with it and other baby pictures that I bought at estate sales years ago. Never throw anything away. I found this fabulous piece of flowered. fabric in the scrap box and HAVE to incorporate it into the grand scheme.



After reading the blog of Fibermania, I was inspired by her recent strip pieced duvet so I’ll work on something similar while the aprons perk. Her’s is more color co-ordinated and mine is straight out of the scrap box. This exercise is long overdue for I’m discovering that I’ve jammed just any old scrap into the boxes. Now I’m really throwing away the stuff I’ll never use. Some of these scraps have sneaked in from other people’s stashes. I swear I’ve never seen them before!


Have you ever seen such a mess. There’s even more over on the ironing board.

But here is the beginning. Two strips down and 12 to go. Many of these scraps bring back such memories of past quilts and garments. It reminds me of when my mother and I sat on one of Grandma’s quilts and Mother told me stories about the scraps and where they came from.














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2 Comments on “What A Mess”

  1. chris Predd Says:

    Love that strippy pattern…….would you mind sharing the pattern, or telling me how it is done? I have an idea, just don’t want to reinvent the wheel. thanks……love your photos too by the way.

  2. […] Quilt Directions Chris Predd asked for directions for the string quilt I started.  (scroll down. )  I was inspired by Melody Johnson’s picture of her’s on her blog.  […]

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