Circumstances of Inspiration

Four white, ankle length aprons were given to me last year. Several have lace, and all are beautifully made. Yesterday, I was thrift-store shopping with Cathy when she spotted another one and I purchased it immediately. Now there are five. They are telling me that they want to become an art quilt or quilts, now that there are so many. To put all of them on one quilt would be larger than king size and I can’t handle that in this little studio. Five separate ones will be better.

Here’s one that I’ve arranged on a black linen/rayon. I like the texture of the black fabric.


I’ve had several ideas as to how to continue with these. The first was to make them all similar and hang side by side and try to get a feeling of dancing or celebration. I like the idea of celebration but just letting them dance leaves too much negative black space. While in the shower, this morning, I started thinking they should be “holding” something. One might be embracing a baby.

And that led to thinking about where I do my creative thinking.

1. long, hot soaking showers

2. long walks by myself

3. lying prone on the couch; half awake, half asleep.

4. pulling weeds

5. while driving the 50 miles into Springfield and listening to Morning Edition on National Public Radio. Frequently an interviewee says something that sparks an idea.

That’s my list. What’s yours?








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2 Comments on “Circumstances of Inspiration”

  1. PaMdora Says:

    Exercising always gives my most creative ideas. We got an elliptical machine this summer, and all fall I’ve been bursting with ideas. Too many to do.

    It’s weird you posted about the aprons. A couple of nights ago I had a dream I appliquéd words on the skirt of an apron. Wonder what your aprons would look like quilted in their original shape and not applied to a background? Could be hard to hang though….

  2. NancyK Says:

    oh i love that apron, i am suprised its not a bright bold color!!!!

    inspiration, lets see, always nature lots of times wheni am suppose to be sleeping, late at night its quiet and most people are asleep, i think there collective vibrations get in my way!!LOL
    other peoples work, all kinds. and rain. i love when it rains.

    keep us posted on your aprons.
    do they have pockets, could put secret thoughts in them… see the thing about other peoples work!!??
    xoxoxoxooxox nk

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