Camping in Texas

We’re just home from a camping trip in Texas. Lots of pretty pictures. Texas is a great state. Lots of history and beautiful and diverse history. But it was hot.


Wonderful old courthouses. The top one is in Decatur and the lower one is in Goliad


Every door knob at the Goliad Courthouse was like this. I would adore having just one of these on my own front door.


If you want to be bored with someone else’s brilliant grandchildren, go here


When returning close to home we drove through some turbulent thunder storms. It’s always good to see the rainbow at the end.


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2 Comments on “Camping in Texas”

  1. Merrilee Says:

    glad you’re home, Em, and that you had a good time. I saw door knobs like that in Italy and wished I’d brought a screwdriver! Beautiful pictures and gorgeous grandbabies!

  2. NancyK Says:

    Geez i would have to replace my door just so i could have that door knob. in fact i’d have to knock out some brick to make way!!! LOL

    rainbows, i always want rainbows.

    and i could play repunzel in the first tower!!!

    great photos thanks fer sharin x00x0x00x

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