Sewing Machine Set Up

My friend, Fonda, says that she is getting bad posture from using her sewing machine on the dinning table. I’ve read that when sewing, one’s arms should be table height or sewing machine bed height. The following pictures are of my set up. I’ve cut a hole into a hollow-core door, painted white, and screwed metal table legs to it.


I cut another piece of wood and screwed it to door, under the hole, with carriage bolts and the machine sits on that with a plastic surround around the machine to make a level sewing area.




Lower “table” for the machine to sit upon. Note the overflowing box of scraps. There’s another one beside it.


Machine sitting on the lower “table”


The hole was cut the same size as the black plastic surround which was ordered and purchased from a sewing machine dealer. They come custom made for almost any machine. I have another one for my old Elna.

And here’s me at machine at arm height!


Don’t cut a hole in the dinning table, Fonda, but maybe you can find something else to use!!!

P.S. In case you’re interested, this machine is a Pfaff 1473 CD purchased in December, 1989. I love it so much I bought another machine just like it, on eBay, to use as back up when this one is in the repair shop. The only problem is that the second one has just about the same “mileage.”

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9 Comments on “Sewing Machine Set Up”

  1. NancyK Says:

    Cool Em, Now what do I do with all the stuff on the 3 tables I have????? I nees a quanset hut with a long galley set of tables , I think 10 will be good to start with. I need land !!!

  2. sharon Says:

    I like it! i’ve been trying to figure out a permanet set up/location for my machine….i’ll have to tell my hubby to get the saw out !

  3. PaMdora Says:

    Wow, pretty slick setup! Did you do all that yourself, I’m in awe. My sewing table is a hodgepodge of werid attachments. I just happened to stumble across my old photos of Arleta’s sewing table, probably cost a pretty penny. But most importantly, is an adjustable chair, that can overcome a lot of handicaps.

  4. Vickie Says:

    My favorite machine is my ancient Pfaff 1471, bought in 1984. David Walker once asked me how I got my machine to do a difficult free-motion stitch and when I said it just did what I told it to, he described it as “you and your machine are one.” Everyone should have a machine that feels that way!

  5. Kris R Says:

    Love this! I’ve been looking for something like it for a long time. I have seen the mechanical lifter in a catalog that bring a machine up and out of a cabinet then even with the top, but this is much better.

    Would you be able to narrow down a location to order the plastic surround?

    Thanks so much.

  6. emprint Says:

    Kris, I bought the plastic surround for my sewing machine at my Pfaff dealer in Jacksonville, FL, when I lived there, years ago. I should think that any sewing machine dealer that sells those generic sewing machine cabinet/desk set-up knows where to find one. I’d suggest that you start with your local dealer. He/she will need the name and model of your machine and go from there. Refer them to my blog is necessary or drag the pictures off the blog site, print them, and carry them with you. Good Luck.

  7. Fashion Says:

    wow, now thats what I call “creative”!
    I need someone like you to help me with my sewing machine table. My table has the little hole that you can push down or pull up depening on the position you want the sewing machine to stay. The only problem is that it didn’t come with that black thing you have that connects with the table and close’s the hole between the machine & the table.

    What should i do? … should I call a professional to make it for me?

  8. Kathy Says:

    This awesome. I have a Pfaff….how do you get to your bobbin to change it? lift out the insert???

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