Black Is Too Black

The apron moves slowly, as usual, but I found some interesting fabric yesterday that I thought might work for the edges. One is a dark red batik and the other a yellow green with large colorful dots. At a distance the red reads that it might be the better of the two, but after I photographed it and put it on the computer, I like the dots better, and yet I’m questioning whether that works or not. Then after putting it on the blog, I made more squares by sewing the red batik and green/dots together and I like it best of all. The black is TOO black.

I’ve also done some decorative zig zag satin stitching with gold metallic thread which you can’t see; hence the large metallic streaks.


Thanks for “listening.” I learn new stuff with each piece that I do. When is all this wisdom going to start paying off?

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One Comment on “Black Is Too Black”

  1. Merrilee Says:

    I agree, Em. The darker fabric pulls your eye away from the apron which should be the focal point. The dots are just goofy enough to be cool, though they’re far better with the red.

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