The heat has been a killer. We’ve had no rain since July, the grass is hip high in the garden, and the tomatoes are little knobs. So – the only thing left to do is work in the studio. This is the only time of year I’m glad it’s in the basement. It’s cool. I truly have cleaned and it feels so good to walk in and see the surface of the work table.





While sorting through and throwing away I ran across this apron and pieced background that I started at least seven years ago.




Suddenly, I am inspired. This is all you are going to see until it’s finished. I haven’t given up on the Passion Flower. It just needs a rest. The last time I worked on two pieces at the same time it felt great and I got a lot accomplished. When one piece stalled, I switched to the other until it hit a snag and then I switched back to the first piece. I’ll try it again.

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2 Comments on “August”

  1. Susie Monday Says:

    Emmie- These are really interesting pieces. I think the idea of using the apron in this iconic way is quite telling. Keep sharing them!

  2. PaMdora Says:

    It does look better! I can see the table too.

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