No More Loafing



I did make a small art quilt of the passion flower and it’s awful. I’m not going to share it; I was in a hurry and did a poor job. Rather, I’m going to cut it up and keep on working with it. The photographs of the flower are too beautiful to ignore. I’ve decided that challenges are not my forte. I only do good work when the idea comes from my heart.

Look at the woman’s bread. She baked it in the brick oven behind her. That HAS to be from her heart. I went to a garden show in Mansfield, MO yesterday at the Baker Seed Co. where there was lots of fresh produce, crafts, music and entertainment. It was fun to just walk around, people watch and take pictures. This woman’s hat was too good to pass up. There was a costume contest late in the afternoon and I hope she won for the best hat. I didn’t stick around for the contest. It was too hot.




And here’s my studio. I’ve never completely reorganized it since the “flood.” Guess what I’m going to do today.



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One Comment on “No More Loafing”

  1. PaMdora Says:

    Hey I just noticed that you’re on WordPress now! When did that happen? I love the top header, it looks great. I remember the quilt too. Have a great weekend!

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