Towns Along the Mississippi



Just got home from another boat buying trip; this time to Wisconsin. We visited towns along the Mississippi River both going and coming and driving back and forth across the river. It seems that most men, when they travel by car, like to get in, and go with out stopping. Not Harry the Architect. He drives into every town, large or small, to see the old residential architecture, to see main street, and to see the river front. How did I get so lucky? I love doing it too. The picture above is of Main Street in Hannibal, MO.

Here’s a little building in Quincy, Illinois




And here’s a house in Keokuk, Iowa. We’ve never seen stones laid up this way!


keokuk-ia.jpg          detail.jpg


A building in St. Donatus, Iowa, an old historic Luxembourger village on the Historic Register.




It was too hard to get good photographs of Dubuque, Iowa. The city is on a very high, very steep hill down to the river. This is an old pedestrian “elevator” car.




A front porch that I couldn’t resist photographing. If I were a painter, I could ignore the porch pillar.




Flower planters beside a walkway and stairs. I don’t remember where.




This sign was in a store window in another little town. Reminds me of the casualness of here at home.




And of course, we had to visit Taliesen; The home of Frank Lloyd Wright by Spring Green, Wisconsin.



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