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When I first started this blog, I thought it was going to be about art quilts, but it seems to be more of a journal about my own little world. I guess that’s o.k. ‘cause it seems to me that everything I do or the way I live affects my art. Nancy wants to know what my house looks like, so here it is, dear friend. When I first bought the house, it had the MOST uninviting concrete and iron railing front porch. Harry came up with this idea to cantilever it out a ways and build the peaked wall. It was my idea to make the wall a trellis; for more flowers naturally.

With all the rain, water came into the basement/studio. I’ve been sorting through and throwing away. I’m also tiling the back-splash in the kitchen, which I’ll show you when it’s finished. Very little art work is getting done. In the meantime here’s some of most recent wild life.

A mother Eastern Kingbird built her nest on the anchor in the bow of Harry’s sailboat down at the marina. They were out in the open sun and the weather was in the low 90s and very humid. The three young ones sat in the nest with their mouths open and the mother sat still with her mouth also open and her wings spread out as though she’s trying to shade them. Is keeping their mouths open a way to try to keep cool? They beat the heat and flew away the next day.




Here’s a gorgeous insect on the side of the little yellow sailboat. Do you think he thinks its a flower? He thinks he’s camouflaged perhaps?




And this is what I nearly walked into the other morning!!




And for those of you who have asked about Mr Grey, here he is being kissed by our calico cat, Thayer. Life is much better for Mr. Grey and he is slowly becoming more tame. My goal is to be allowed to touch him some day.



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