Home Again



So, I’m back home from a mighty fast trip to Arizona and we’ve returned with this boat. Would that there were cactus in the background, but it’s Salt Canyon. I’d rather have brought the boat owners’ dog home with me!



When on trips, I can usually find some “fibers” along the way. This trip was just too fast and boat focused. BUT – we did work in a tour of Taliesen West and I loved it. I’m sure you’ve seen lots of pictures in many publications but I have to share three of my favorites.

The Bell Tower:


The Living Room:


And this clay pot for which a hole was cut in the window. A wider shelf couldn’t have been made??? Another of Frank Lloyd Wright’s eccentricities.



On our way back home we had to stop in Pie Town NM for lunch and pie, of course, at the Pie-O-Neer Cafe. Yes, pie is my favorite desert.



The day’s selection:


And here is Kathy, the owner with a chocolate, almond, coconut pie that was heavenly.


So who’s pies are better, Kathy’s or Cookie’s? You’ll just have to do some traveling and try them yourselves.

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