Arden’s Quilt is Finished



Arden’s quilt is finished. Size – 18″ x 24″. It was such a struggle when I began, but I think it has turned out as a celebration. I was in a quandary about adding the handkerchief. Jane Burch Cochran has a series of small art quilts featuring handkerchiefs. She says hankies are for tears of happiness and sadness, so for me the handkerchief seemed appropriate. Does it add or detract? Help me decide and leave a comment. Shall I keep it or remove it?

Here is a larger close-up. You can see the beads, which were a bracelet that Arden made for me but I never wore it because it was too small. The lavender buttons are the color of her angora sweater that she wore with the boots. A funky plastic flower button attachs the hankie; Arden would have loved it. And you can see the machine embroidery in a little more detail.



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