Remember the purple boots? I’m making a piece that’s a prayer/homage/shrine/whatever for my recently deceased daughter-in-law Arden. Although she had a struggle with her health and sadness in her life, she was greatly loved by family, friends, and co-workers. She once gave a friend a pillow with the words, “You’ll always be my best friend because you know too much about me.” And her friend says that all the things she knows about Arden are wonderful, endearing memories. Isn’t that nice? I hope someone has that kind of memory about me after I’m gone.



I’ve put a picture of Arden through Photoshop Elements and played with filters. Then I made a Thermofax screen and screened the image to a background fabric as above. Yes, the black fabric paint in streaked with purple. Purple was her favorite color. I hesitated making the screen since I knew I’d use it only once, but I read on the Complex Cloth list about someone (sorry, I can’t remember her name) who just put duct tape around both sides of the screen edges and used it that way instead of stretching and taping it to a frame. I pinned the cloth to my print table and then taped the corners of the screen to the cloth,applied the paint, and pulled the squeegee. Easy!



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