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When something earth shattering happens in my life, all creativity stops. Repainting rooms helps, pulling weeds helps, shopping helps. Fortunately, it’s almost spring and we’ve had some gorgeous weather in the Ozarks, so I’ve been pruning rose bushes, cleaning out and tilling the vegetable garden, and planting spring veggies.


Until – I saw the PBS program “The Art of Quilting” which, by the way, one of the featured artists was our own Pam Rubert. In the third and last segment, is another artist, Kristin Hoelscher-Schacker, who’s Prayer Quilt was so beautiful and moving. (scroll down to see her quilt). Of course! I can make a quilt for Arden, my daughter-in-law, who has just died.


I bought these Purple Doc Martin boots for her one Christmas. She wore them with a long brown skirt and a purple angora sweater. I’ve put the picture into photoshop and put filters on it. I’ll come up with something and print it to fabric. I’d like to use a handkerchief too. Jane Burch Corcoran talks about her handkerchief series on the same program and using them because handkerchiefs are used for crying – both for happiness and sadness. Arden was a blessing of happiness and her death is a great sadness.


I’m off tomorrow for Oklahoma to give trunk shows to quilt guilds in Enid and Edmond. All that driving will give me plenty of time for creative meditation.


Here are her boots in some of the filters.





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