Question For A Poor Cat



We have a wild cat that has visited our home since last spring. His coat is a beautiful grey stripe, hence I call him Mr. Grey. It has been bitterly cold this winter plus there was a two inch layer of ice in January with snow on top that took forever to melt. I felt sorry for Mr. Grey and made a box with a rug for him and put it in the garage; plus I put a dish of food and water out for him every night. Every morning the food is gone.

Yesterday, I looked out the window and saw him limping away from the house. He was walking on three feet and his right front leg was held up and his foot was dangling and waving erratically. It’s broken.

We borrowed a live animal trap, put the rug and food in it and placed it where I keep the box. This morning the food is gone, but the trap didn’t trip. I saw him walking away with the poor leg still dangling. It makes me almost sick to watch him. We’ve rearranged the rug to be on top of the trip tray and put a piece of bacon under the wire bottom so he will have to crouch on the rug/trip tray to eat it. Hopefully this will work.

Any suggestions on how to catch him????

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